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Liz & Pete

music by two from tucson, arizona

“At times it reminds me of Ian and Sylvia, only 60 years newer, 100% as soulful and seriously as simple as the folk process itself.”

-Don Armstrong

“Liz and Pete, lovely fresh harmonies and a secret cache of original songs.“

-Linda Ronstadt

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The first album from Liz & Pete, Beautiful Strangers, is now available at Ronstadt Record Co. Order your copy by clicking below

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About Liz & Pete

She's Liz, he's Pete, they are Liz & Pete. Liz Cerepanya and Peter Dalton Ronstadt join musical forces to explore material old and new. Liz's heartfelt voice with Pete's haunting harmonies and rich guitar arrangements captivate the mind and tug at the heart.