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Linda Ronstadt, singer

Liz and Pete, lovely fresh harmonies and a secret cache of original songs.

Don Armstrong, songwriter

At times it reminds me of Ian and Sylvia, 
only 60 years newer, 100% as soulful and seriously 
as simple as the folk process itself.

Soul Supreme

Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters

I knew that Liz & Pete were a force from the moment I first caught them perform together, before they were a full-time collaboration. It's attention to storytelling like the 60s Greenwich scene's best, with the chemistry and verve of roots rock & Americana's most notable duets--like Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks trading fueled barbs, or the sheer magic of Bonnie Raitt with John Prine. Two of Tucson's musical powerhouses have come together--and together, they're unstoppable.

Liz & Pete are like Pancakes & Waffles. Why choose when you can have both? Decadence.

Play It

@horse57 on instagram, attended a show

Liz & Pete bleed their souls through the microphones and it will stain your heart. Catch them live and thank me later.

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